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Why wear a Rapunzel Wig?

Because Rapunzel wigs are an exciting accessory! 


When fashion is your flavor and you fancy a bit of fun, wearing a Rapunzel wig helps create an authentic look that is alluring next to none!


If you’re in a rush just give it a quick brush and you’re off to the races!


Rapunzel wigs are easy with a natural texture and movement that never goes away; whether your color is black or gray, a Rapunzel Wig with its ease and style will get you on your way!


Wear it short to compliment a chic adventurous casual look

Wear it long and alluring when you desire a touch of elegance or, wear it mid-length when you off to work; or just because you can


If you desire a wig that’s comfortable and stylish and one that can complete your look, we can make it happen for you! Any color… Any style.... Any time....


Whatever the reason you’ll find the perfect choices, colors and styles as well as the perfect price at Rapunzel’s

We use the best hair products on the market to make your investment last Rapunzel’s Wigs are a cut above -- that is what we offer, and we offer it with confidence and pride.  We have experts here to assist you, whether you are new to wigs or a seasoned pro, we can help.


Shop at Rapunzel’s

Come on…..Let Your Hair Down


Angie Bashir

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